Kaldari Ethiopian Coffee

Big City Coffee roasts in small, artisan controlled batches to guarantee fresh coffee delivered to order. Our specialty is Latin and African gourmet organic coffees, blended for superb flavor and aroma with no harsh or bitter taste. We roast only the finest Arabica gourmet quality beans from the lushest coffee-growing regions of the world.

Kaldari Organic Ethiopian Coffee

1,000 year-old coffee…

Legendary Select Beans From The Birthplace of Coffee
The most prized coffee from southwestern Ethiopia, continuing a 1,200 year tradition of exceptional flavor and aroma. Ethiopians are passionate about their coffee, drinking it with great reverence and ceremony.
Abyssinian history claims that an Ethiopian goat herder, Kaldi, first discovered coffee and it’s magical benefits around 850 AD. Legend has it that he discovered his goats eating the coffee fruit off the trees and dancing about wildly.

A full-flavored organic coffee with exciting floral and tangerine notes and a tropical, toasted coconut aroma. Hand-selected beans are artisan roasted weekly and always fresh and aromatic.

100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher Coffee

12 oz Whole Bean Artisan Roasted & Vacuum Packed Fresh
Legendary Arabica from the Birthplace of Coffee

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