Big City Coffee roasts in small, artisan controlled batches to guarantee fresh coffee delivered to order. Our specialty is Latin and African gourmet organic coffees, blended for superb flavor and aroma with no harsh or bitter taste. We roast only the finest Arabica gourmet quality beans from the lushest coffee-growing regions of the world.
French Press Coffee or Teapot with a Hand

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

We recommend the French Press brewing method...

The first steps are the same no matter what method you use:

• Grind Fresh Roasted Beans to Medium or Coarse
• Measure 1 Heaping Tablespoon per 6oz Cup

For French Press:
• Heat Filtered Water to 198-205 degrees °F
• Pour Over Grounds
• Let Steep For 4-6 Minutes
• Skim Off or Stir In Any Floating Grounds
• Insert Plunger and Push Down Gently
• Pour Into a Thermal Coffee Carafe or Cup and Enjoy!

Experiment until you find a recipe that satisfies you. Try adjusting one variable at a time and see what works the best.

Barista Tips:
Use a hand ceramic burr grinder for consistency. Pour from the French Press into a cup or carafe using a Cone and Filter.

100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher Coffee
12 oz Whole Bean Artisan Roasted & Vacuum Packed Fresh to Order Gourmet Blend of Latin and African Arabicas

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