About Big City Coffee

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Fresh Roasted Organic Coffee

“My interest in the coffee business goes back to the early 1980’s. A friend was a distributor of organic foods and had just signed a deal to distribute Cafe Altura – a shade-grown organic coffee from Chiapas, Mexico. He came by my house with a batch of fresh-roasted beans and a little electric grinder. Five minutes later I was sipping the best coffee I’d ever had. Up to then, I was a tea drinker…”

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Big City Coffee imports, roasts and distributes Certified Kosher, Organic, Fair Trade and Ethically Sourced gourmet coffee from small estates, owner-managed farms and co-ops from fine coffee-growing regions around the world. Big City Coffee is a member of the Green Business Network.

We roast only the finest Arabica gourmet quality beans from the lushest coffee-growing regions of the world. Big City Coffee roasts in small, artisan controlled batches to guarantee fresh delivered coffee to order. Our specialty is Latin and African gourmet organic coffees, blended for superb flavor and aroma with no harsh or bitter taste.

Big City Coffee full city and dark espresso roasts are smooth and silky with a chocolate finish that will surprise and please the discriminating coffee drinker. We are proud to offer Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and Ethically Sourced coffee, espresso, and flavored coffees, including premium single origin estate coffee from Panama, Mexico, Ethiopia, Hawaii, and Jamaica.

Coffee Delivered

Big City Coffee roasts and delivers fresh whole bean and custom grind ground coffee to your order. Our exclusive organic blends include Cafe Pergolesi Espresso, Tiki Club mocha java, Chickadee Brand New Orleans-style French roast with chicory, and PanAltura Single Origin Estate coffees. We roast to order in small batches 2-3 times a week. We use the finest gourmet flavor beans we can find and because of the limited supply our roast and blend profiles are evolving and specific blends or single origin estate coffees may not be always available.

Fair Trade & Ethical Sourcing

Big City Coffee owners, employees and agents travel the world and personally visit and verify the conditions under which the coffee crop is cultivated, picked and processed and the fair treatment and support of the growers, field workers and their families. Fair Trade and ethical sourcing assure the sustainablity of the land, crops, and community.